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11.5x3 Bumper Sticker
11.5x3 Bumper Sticker

11.5x3 Bumper Sticker

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As low as $0.60
11.5x3 inch size bumper stickers
  • 6 mil outdoor vinyl
  • permanent adhesive
  • Glossy UV protectant
  • Union Printed
Part Number: bc1100sticker
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Quantity Price
50 - 99 2.00
100 - 199 1.40
200 - 299 1.20
300 - 399 1.00
500 - 999 0.80
999 - 1999 0.60
2000 - 2999 0.56
3000 - 4999 0.54
5000 - 6999 0.50
7000 - 8999 0.40
9000 - 9999 0.36
10000+ 0.34
11.5x3 inch size bumper stickers locally printed in Saint Louis Missouri using 6 mil waterproof vinyl and hand coated with a UV protectant, these stickers are made to last in the harshest of envoironments!

Turnaround Time - Average orders take about 4 days depending on the volume. If you need something right away just let us know!

Local Pickup or Free Shipping - Local pickup options are available at check out when you enter a Saint Louis or surrounding area address. You can also have your 50+ piece order shipped to you for free! 

Union Bug - We are proud members of CWA Local 6300! We are happy to print our union bug on your stickers. Just include your requested placement in the Special Instructions box above. 

Brick City Printing - High Quality And Affordable 11.5x3 Large Bumper Stickers

Amplify your message and let your voice be seen with our iconic 11.5x3 Bumper Sticker. Meticulously crafted with unwavering attention to detail, each sticker is a hallmark of Brick City's unmatched expertise.

Key Features

  • Size: An optimal 11.5x3 inches - subtle yet impactful
  • Material: Superior 6 mil outdoor vinyl, resilient against the elements
  • Adhesive: Robust and permanent, ensuring your message endures
  • Finish: Lustrous glossy UV protectant - a seal of vibrancy and protection
  • Union Printed: A mark of pride, thanks to the esteemed members of CWA Local 6300

Customize Your 11.5x3 Bumper Sticker To Perfection:

a) Vinyl Choices: Personalize with our signature vinyl options:

  • Timeless White Vinyl
  • Ethereal Clear Vinyl
  • Mesmeric Holographic Vinyl
b) Upload an Image: Elevate your sticker with a custom design. Send Us Your Art, and let us breathe life into your vision, and

Include the size and any special instructions in the box.

The Brick City Distinction

Each 11.5x3 bumper sticker is locally printed with pride in Saint Louis, Missouri. Employing waterproof vinyl, each piece is meticulously hand-treated with a UV protectant, curating a masterpiece poised to withstand time and the elements.

  • Swift Turnaround, Uncompromised Quality: Our average delivery pace is a brisk 4 days, contingent on order volume. In a rush? We've got your back. Inform us, and witness our magic in accelerated action.
  • Convenient Delivery & Pickup: We offer a local pickup option upon checkout for our esteemed Saint Louis neighbors. And on orders of 50+ pieces, shipping is on us!
  • Union's Seal of Authenticity: Our affiliation with CWA Local 6300 is more than a membership; it's a testament to our commitment to excellence. Desire our union bug on your stickers? Point to your preferred spot in the Special Instructions box.
  • Prestige Within Reach & Quantity Discounts: Premium quality has a new price point: starting at a mere $0.60. Plus, take advantage of our quantity discount pricing! Orders of 50-99 are priced at $2.00 each, 100-199 at $1.40, and orders of 10,000 or more come in at an astonishing $0.34 each. Contact us or explore our website for more information!
Your voice, your message, our craftsmanship. With our 11.5x3 Bumper Sticker, elevate your brand and secure your standout status. Experience the best with Brick City Printing. Place your order now!