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  1. 2 inch UV Transfer Stickers
2 inch UV Transfer Stickers
2 inch UV Transfer Stickers

2 inch UV Transfer Stickers

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  • UV DTF Transfer Stickers
  • Superior adhesion to smooth clean surfaces
  • Difficult to remove
  • Weedless Decals
  • Fully Customizable
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UV DTF Transfer Stickers are semi-permenant UV cured polymer inks with a super strong adhesive backing. They have superior adhesion to a variety of smooth surfaces such as glass, plastics, porcelain, leather, and more! No vinyl to weed, no heat required, just press onto your surface and peel away the transfer tape! These UV Stickers make an excellent alternative to Eggshell Vinyl and are union printed here in the USA!

2-inch UV Transfer Stickers – Make Your Message Stick!

Put your brand on everything! With 2-inch UV transfer stickers, you can stick your art on glass, plastics, porcelain, and leather and more!

Print on Almost Any Smooth Surface!

Glass bottles, clear phone cases, leather journals, or your favorite porcelain mug—these stickers bond super well.

Weedless Decals

Forget about the hassle of heat or the tedious task of weeding. Just press, peel the transfer tape, and witness your art come to life.

Quality Meets Affordability

US-manufactured with pride, our UV DTF Transfer Stickers offer unmatched quality. Starting at just $0.50, artistry doesn't have to break the bank.

Features that Impress :

  • Strong Adhesion - These stickers don't just stick; they stay.
  • Weedless Decals  - The days of intricate weeding are over.
  • Customize Away - Your imagination is the only limit.

Instructions for use:

1. Clean and dry your smooth surface very well. Note that some glass products are coated with a resistant coating that makes adhesion more challenging. (In this case, leave your transfer aheared to the glass for up to 30 minutes before removing the top layer.)
2. Peel the transfer off the backing.
3. Hold the transfer in the shape of a taco carfully apply one side then slowly apply the remaining transfer by rolling it through your fingers onto the surface, being carful to smooth out any air bubbles.
4. Use a card or hard squeegee to firmly press the transfer onto the surface. Wait several minutes, up to 30 minutes for coated glass.
5. Carefully remove the top layer.

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