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2 inch UV Transfer Stickers
2 inch UV Transfer Stickers

2 inch UV Transfer Stickers

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As low as $0.50
  • UV DTF Transfer Stickers
  • Superior adhesion to smooth clean surfaces
  • Difficult to remove
  • Weedless Decals
  • Eggshell Vinyl Alternative
  • Fully Customizable
Part Number: bc200uv
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1 - 9 10.00
10 - 25 2.50
26 - 49 1.50
50 - 99 1.20
100 - 199 0.90
200 - 299 0.80
300 - 499 0.70
500 - 999 0.60
1000+ 0.50
UV DTF Transfer Stickers are semi-permenant UV cured polymer inks with a super strong adhesive backing. They have superior adhesion to a variety of smooth surfaces such as glass, plastics, porcelain, leather, and more! No vinyl to weed, no heat required, just press onto your surface and peel away the transfer tape! These UV Stickers make an excellent alternative to Eggshell Vinyl and are union printed here in the USA!

2-inch UV Transfer Stickers – The New Canvas for Every Surface

Let your creativity shine on any smooth surface! With 2-inch UV transfer stickers, the world of art on glass, plastics, porcelain, and leather just got a whole lot brighter and bolder.

Designed for the Smooth and Sleek

Glass bottles, clear phone cases, leather journals, or your favorite porcelain mug—these stickers ensure a flawless bond on all. An art lover's canvas has never been this vast.

Simplicity at its Best

Forget about the hassle of heat or the tedious task of weeding. Just press, peel the transfer tape, and witness your art come to life.

Quality Meets Affordability

US-manufactured with pride, our UV DTF Transfer Stickers offer unmatched quality. Starting at just $0.50, artistry doesn't have to break the bank.

Features that Impress :

  • Strong Adhesion - These stickers don't just stick; they stay.
  • Weedless Decals  - The days of intricate weeding are over.
  • Customize Away - Your imagination is the only limit.
The Perfect Blend

Like a paintbrush to a painter, a chisel to a sculptor, or a palette to an artist, the 2-inch UV transfer stickers give art enthusiasts a unique way to showcase their passion. Whether you're a seasoned artist or just dipping your toes into the world of crafts, these stickers are your perfect companion.

A Canvas Beyond Paper

In traditional art, canvas and paper might have been the limits. But why put boundaries on where art can thrive? With the UV transfer stickers, unconventional surfaces become part of the gallery. Transform everyday objects into personalized pieces of art that reflect your essence and passion.

An Experience Beyond Sticking

While stickers traditionally have been about slapping on an image and calling it a day, the UV transfer variety offers a richer experience. It's not just about decoration; it's about transformation. Even the most mundane items – from a clear water bottle to a leather wristband – can become conversation starters and, in turn, echo the artist's voice in every corner of their world. 

With Brick City Printing, every sticker tells a story. What will yours say?