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Custom Buttons 2-1/4 inch Round

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The 2-1/4 inch button size is the number one most popular size there is! It's a really nice medium size button. Not so big to be obnoxious, but not too small to read. It's the go-to size for political campaigns. 

Political campaign buttons have been a fixture of American elections for over a century. These circular pinned back badges have been used by political candidates to promote their campaigns and to rally support from voters. The history of political buttons dates back to the 1896 presidential campaign between William McKinley and William Jennings Bryan. McKinley's campaign produced the first campaign buttons, which were made of celluloid and featured his portrait. Since then, campaign buttons have become a necessary part of any campaign. These 2.25 inch larger-sized buttons are perfect for displaying a candidate's message or slogan and are often used by campaigns to make a bold statement. 2.25 political campaign buttons  continue to be a popular choice for political campaigns today.

Brick City Printing is a union, woman-owned company. We can print our union bug on your campaign buttons today. Just select from one of our premade templates or upload your own art here. If you don't have a design yet, no problem! We have a full service design staff with years of political campagin work under our belts, just waiting to help you win your election!!

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