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Custom Buttons 3 inch Round

Part Number: cb300buttons

As low as $0.40
Quantity Price
1 - 5 10.00
6 - 9 5.00
10 - 14 1.50
15 - 24 1.35
25 - 49 1.25
50 - 99 1.00
100 - 499 0.90
500 - 999 0.70
1000 - 2499 0.65
2500 - 4999 0.62
5000 - 7499 0.51
7500 - 9999 0.50
10000+ 0.42
3 inch custom buttons are a great size for memorial buttons, memory buttons, or photo buttons.

These 3 inch pinned back custom buttons are made of steel with a printed paper graphic and protective plastic mylar cover. They are made from 100% US steel. Union printed in the USA. 3 inch is a great size for larger slogans and is easy to read from a distance. Think the "Ask Me" buttons on a retail clerk's apron sized. This is a great size for campaign buttons but is a little larger than your average size political campaign button. 

Finish Options:

Our standard finish is glossy. This is the unaltered look of plastic mylar protecting the printed graphic. This style is the most well protected from elements and sun damage and normal wear exposure to moisture. 

Matte finish buttons are made by printing directly on to polypropylene sheets. Though this printing method is waterproof, it is unprotected from sun damage and is more prone to scratching than a mylar covered button. Full coverage prints will often see cracking on the back near the seam. 

Our holographic finish buttons are made using a toner responsive foil transfer. The finish will apply best to black areas of your graphic. Very light colors in your art will result in a much more subtle effect. 

Our 100% plastic free pins are made using 100% cotton fabric treated with an inkjet receptive coating and paper. We hand coat the fabric in house using a process that results in some natural inconsistency in the finished product. Very small type such as perimeter text is not suitable for Eco Cotton buttons. We are happy to provide samples.