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Union Becky says

Go union or go home!

The fight for living standards for regular folks begins in the workplace. Raised by a trade unionist (IBEW) father and teacher as a mother, Rebecca came up in a proud union home. Brick City Printing combines Rebecca's love of print media, work ethic, and justice for working people. 

This all began back in middle school photography class when Rebecca saw that very first print come alive in the developer tray. She fell in love with printing. After high school Rebecca moved to Seattle where she started printing merch for her friends in bands and record labels. In 2012 she packed up and moved back to her home town of Saint Louis City. 

Today Brick City Printing is trusted by everyone from big brands like Wholefoods and the Cardinals, to small businesses and individuals. We specialize in die cut stickers, pinned back buttons, and refrigerator magnets in quantities from one hundred to one hundred thousand. 

Brick City Printing has the talent, creativity, and tenacity to help you

Brick City Printing

7726 Michigan Ave 

Saint Louis Missouri, 63111

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Union Becky