Design Services

Brick City Printing offers full service custom design with any order. Starting at just $1 per minute, we can make your idea come to life! We specialize in pro-union, pro-woman, pro-working class designs. Contact us to get a custom design made for your local or community organization today. Feel free to select from one of our pre-made graphics below as well! We can easily swap out the names to suit your organization, match your brand colors, or any other customizations you would like. There is no charge for ordering merch from one of these designs. Union bugs are always included!! 

Teamsters T-Shirt
314 Saint Louis Sticker
Live Better Work Union - Stock Design
Bad Bitch Union Laborer - Stock Design
Bad Ass Union Laborer - Stock Design
Fix Shit Up - Stock Design
Metal Rosie the Riveter - Stock Design
Cheap Labor Ain't Skilled - Stock Design
Profits are Unpaid Wages - Stock Design
To the Workers All Which They Produce
Union Yes - Stock Design