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Brief History of Screen Printed Posters and Fine Art

Screen printing, also called serigraphy, has been widely used as a printmaking technique since the 1950’s. Screen printing is commonly used for event announcements, concert and travel posters, and fine art. The most famous example in modern and popular art is probably Andy Warhol’s prints.


Marilyn Monroe by Andy Warhol, 1967.

How Screen Printing Can Enhance Works of Art 

Poster printing is generally done with water-based acrylic ink. Layers of ink are laid down on top of each other to create beautiful color and contrast. Artists can make creative choices with paper colors, textures, and weights for the works of art to be printed on. The layers of ink sit atop the paper to create additional depth and texture and enhancing the feeling of the work.

Staghorn Poster
Staghorn Posters
Staghorn Poster

Staghorn show poster printed by Brick City Printing, art by Seth Rogers.

Details about Multi-Color Screen Printed Posters at Brick City Printing

At Brick City Printing we primarily use French Paper, the premier paper stock for poster printing. We can print on various sizes of paper, with the most popular sizes being 11x17in, 12.5x19in, and 19x25in. Custom cut sizes are available upon request. Various weights of paper, from 80lb - 125lb, are also available. 

Depending on the artwork, slight imperfections in alignment is regular and part of the charm of screen printed posters - screen printing creates one of a kind artworks, great for numbered limited runs.

Immortal Mountain Lunar Calendar
Immortal Mountain Lunar Calendar

Immortal Mountain // Drawn Bow Lunar Calendar printed by Brick City Printing.