Sports Team Buttons | Brick City Printing
Normal custom button orders include a fee for each image you submit. But now if you can submit 1 Zip file of Jpegs that are all shot the same way, you can get 3 or 3-1/2 inch buttons, magnets and more from each image without paying additional fees!! Just fill out the form below or call us at 314-329-7088 with any questions.

Upload one Zip file of all your Jpegs

Fill out the form below, and upload one zip fie of all your Jpeg images. We will print 1 or 2 of each image. If you need specific quantities for specific images, you should make the appropriate number of duplicate Jpegs of those images and include them in the zip file. For this service we just print one 4x6 print of each image you submit. We don't crop or place the images in a template or set individual quantities. You have to submit exactly what you want printed. See our Photography Guide below.

- 300 PPI or higher
- Jpeg file format
- All the same orientation
- Submit together in ONE zip file

Photography Guide:

Shoot all of your images consistently. Make sure to shoot all of your photos with the same orientation. It doesn't matter if you shoot them in portrait (vertical) or landscape (horizontal), just make sure they are all the same and the faces are centered with some head room and space on either side as well. DO NOT CROP the photos. They will print out as 4x6 prints. We will do our best to center the faces, but we can only do so much. See below for examples: