Union Bug - Printing What is it?
Union Bug Printing What is it?

We here at Brick City Printing are proud members of CWA local 6300 here in Saint Louis Missouri. We will happily print our union label on your products to certify that they were made with fair labor standards, by unionized employees. 

What is a Union Bug?

Union labels are often called a Union Bug or just the Bug because it's printed very small on print materials and products and sometimes resembles a small insect. 

Political candidates and organizations often require the Bug be present on their materials to show support for fair labor standards. If you want or need a union label on your buttons, stickers, or magnets be sure to let us know! 


The Union Bug first appeared on print materials as early as 1869 to designate products had been made by employees working 8 hour as opposed to 10 hour shifts. Click here for more information on the history of the Union Bug. 

Union Bug History

Solidarity with Working People

Including the Union Bug on your print materials shows your support for fair wages and labor practices. In today's society too much power and wealth is in the hands of too few people. Capital owns everything. Regular working people own absolutely nothing, except for their labor. The bank owns your home, the state owns your land. The only competitive advantage working people have contained in their physical bodies and ability to produce. The only way we can leverage that advantage against the vast accumulation of wealth is in our numbers. If working people can unite under the banner of fair wages and fair labor practices we can begin to build back a more just world for all. Will you stand with the workers? Show your support for labor today!