UV DTF - What is it?

UV TransFer Stickers Available NOW

Brick City Printing is now offering UV DTF Transfer Stickers! 


UV Printing is a type of inkjet printing where the ink contains photo initiators. When the ink is exposed to the ultra violet spectrum of light, it changes the structure from an ink to a polymer, creating a type of print that is heavily resistant to fading, scratching, abrasion, and is waterproof.  Up until recently UV printers primarily printed directly onto objects such as phone cases, drinkware, and other custom merchandise. UV printers that print directly onto objects have to be specially designed to accomodate the various different shapes of objects. Some are outfitted with cameras and specialty shaped jigs. Because of the complexity involved with printing onto three dimensional objects, the price point of these printers were pretty high. 


DTF stands for Direct To Film printing. It's a common way to print heat transfer t-shirts. DTF printers apply ink onto film which you can then press onto fabric items. UV DTF works very much the same way, except that the polymer inks are applied to a pressure sensitive adhesive film, which you can then apply to objects of any shape. 


With UV Tranfer Stickers from Brick City Printing you can create custom cup wraps, phone cases, or imprint your logo onto a wide variety of smooth surfaces that are traditionally difficult to screen print. We have no minimums for UV Transfer Stickers, you can order as few as one. So it makes custom short run orders that otherwise wouldn't support the setup costs involved with screen printing, possible. 


Applying transfer stickers can be a bit tricky. You have to make sure your surface is clean and dry. Some people also chose to prime surfaces such as glass or plastic with an adhesion promoter. Peel up the tranfer off the substrate backing. Carfully apply your transfer with even pressure taking care to not trap air bubbles in. Then use a squegee or credit card to smooth it out and apply more pressure. Let it rest for 10 seconds. Then peel up the top layer of transfer tape. 

That's all there is to it! With Brick City Printing you can MAKE YOUR MESSAGE on almost anything!!