Vinyl Sticker Ordering Options Explained

Watch Becky Breakdown sticker options

Ordering vinyl stickers from Brick City Printing is easy. You just need to know a couple little things.


At Brick City we can print stickers at bascially any size -you can request a custom size in the notes at check out. Just don't be alarmed if you order a 3.5 inch sticker and you see a big 4 on your invoice. Stickers are priced based on the liner inch of the longest dimension of your sticker up to 6 inches. 

For example if you have a 2x3in size graphic, that would be considered a 3 inch sticker for billing purposes. Yes, that means a 3x3in and 3x2in and a 3x1in size sticker are all the same price. Anything over the even 3 inch size would be billed as a 4 inch sticker. So that means if you submit a graphic and ask for it to be printed at 3.5x2, we would bill that as a 4 inch sticker.

We have 2 stock bumper sticker sizes, 8x2 and 11.5x3. If your sticker isn't a bumper sticker and is larger than 6x6, please contact us for a quote. 


Standard sticker shapes include Squares, Rectangles, and Circles. We also have one stock oval die at the time of this writing. In addition to our standard shapes, we offer full service digital die cutting for stickers - that means we can create your custom shapes as well!  All non-standard shapes will be digital die cut and have a small fee associated. Both standard and die cut stickers are cut all the way through the sticker and the backing. 

We also offer shaped sticker sheets which are called kiss cut or contour cut stickers. You can read all about the cutting options here.  This cut goes through the sticker but not the backing. We can deliver these weeded or unweeded. Weeding is where we remove the excess vinyl. You might want to leave your sticker sheet unweeded if you wanted a background printed on the excess vinyl area, for example. 


WHITE: Our stock vinyl is a 6 mil white, high tack, permanent adhesive vinyl. We do full color printing on white vinyl by default. This is a really high end, burly vinyl that is rated for outdoor use.

HOLOGRAPHIC: We regularly stock a 6 mil holographic vinyl as well. It reflects rainbow colors through your design. 

CLEAR: We also carry a 3 mil clear vinyl as well 


GLOSSY: Here at Brick City Printing, we hand coat our stickers with a liquid UV laminante by default. Our standard laminante is a glossy finish. This protects your sticker against weather and fading from sunlight. We prefer the liquid laminate for its superior adhesion to the sticker and overall longevity and quality as compared to sheet laminante. 

MATTE: Our liquid laminate also comes in a matte finish. This finish has less glare and is easier to photograph.

UNCOATED: If you want you can also get your stickers uncoated. We only recommend this for indoor labels.  Uncoated labels have a matte finish. 


We are now offering slit liners for easy peeling. When ordering you'll see the option for a standard backing or a slit backing. Standard means it is uncut.