Water Based Screen Printing | Brick City Printing

Here at Brick City Printing, our Master Screen Printer Jared is a pioneer in water based screen printing techniques. For over 18 years, he has worked at perfecting this eco-friendly alternative in order to offer his clients the best product possible.


What is water based ink? And why should you choose it for your screen printing needs?

Did we mention that water based ink is an eco-friendly alternative to the liquid plastic inks?

Water based ink is composed simply of water and pigment, and in some cases the ink is soy-based.

Water based ink is incredibly versatile.

It can be used to print on a wide variety of mediums, not just garments! You can use water based inks to print things like packaging, yard signs, vinyl stickers, and many other things, as long as they have a flat surface! If you have an idea, we’d love to help make it happen.


Super soft hand feel for garment printing.

Water Based inks penetrate fabric more than liquid plastic inks, and are made up of soft resins and water which evaporates during the curing process. This makes the print extra soft and flexible, which is great for worn garments and large prints.


Water based prints are bright, opaque, flexible, and matte.

Liquid plastic inks can create thick, stiff, shiny prints. If you’re looking for something bright and colorful (or simply black or white) with a matte finish, water based inks are the way to go.

Water based inks are durable.

Water based inks are durable enough to be used on yard signs. Because of the flexibility of the finished printed product, water based prints also tend to be more durable on fabrics. They don’t crack the way thick plastisol prints can.